Thursday, November 4, 2010

Park It.

Today, as I was leaving, I noticed that the VERY closest parking spot next to the hotel's doors was unoccupied.  I parked in it on my way out just to see what it felt like.

It felt glorious.

Oh wait, something else that was interesting happened this morning, too.  I was just coming out of the office in the back, where I was faxing something for a guest, when I nearly collided with a woman who had wandered behind the front desk.

I supposed that she didn't know where I was, and was creeping stealthily back to knock on the door to the back offices.  I asked her what I could do for her as she slowly backed away, but she replied "Oh, no, I think he needed something" and pointed to the guy to whom I was returning the faxed papers.  I can't even remember what she needed - really, I can't.  It must have been something utterly inconsequential.

Why...why was she behind the desk?  @.o
This is going to bug me for the next several seconds.


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