Friday, November 19, 2010

My Indoor Pool Brings All the Boys to the Yard

The very first thing you must know for this story is that football is BIG here.  Every time the college has a game, every hotel books up (or overbooks in most cases) pretty far in advance.  We're talking the-second-the-game-schedule-is-made-known kind of advance booking.

These weekends we have a minimum stay of 2 nights and if you're going to cancel without being charged, it had better be 2 weeks beforehand.  Don't even get me started on Graduation - all I'm saying is, with what we charge and how booked we get, you'd better be positive your kid makes all A's that semester!  It's pretty yucky.

Anyways, this weekend is one of those game weekends.

We get a lot of calls checking to see if there were cancellations or if we have rooms available, and that's fine.  I totally don't expect you to know the booking status of every hotel in town, and what's the harm in checking?  One does sort of expect that if you're an avid game-goer from out of town, and if you really, REALLY want to see that game, that you probably at least know it gets busy and will book a room more than a day in advance.  But you've gotta hear this call:

Me:  "Good evening and thank you for calling the LOL Hotel, my name is Wednesday, how may I assist you?"
Dude:  "Hey, uh, do you guys have a pool?"
Me:  "Yes, sir, we do."
Dude:  "Oh good, and is it uh, is it heated?"
Me:  "No, sir, I don't believe so."
Dude: "Oh!  Well, I'm coming in for the game this weekend you know, and I was really hoping to swim.  Is it swimmable?"
Me:  "OH!  Yes, sir, it's an indoor pool."
Dude: "Okay, well, is it a LARGE pool, or a little bitty one?"
Me:  "'s...I don't know, sir, it's about your average pool size."

I'm a little confused at this point.  I mean, you gotta know whether or not to pack your swimsuit, but who cares what size the pool is?  But wait, it gets neater.

Dude: "Okay I guess.  Do you have a workout room?
Me:  "Yes, sir, we do."
Dude: "And it's got, what, weights?  A bicycle I guess?"
Me:  "Yes, sir, it has free weights, a bicycle, a treadmill, and a couple of other machines."
Dude: "Alright, then.  And do you have any rooms available for Saturday?"

WHAT?  I had totally assumed he meant he was coming HERE on Saturday, and wanted to know what there would be.  He asked all those questions before asking if we had any availability?  Can you really be that picky on a game weekend?  Oddly enough, he doesn't particularly care when I tell him no, we booked up pretty far in advance.

He must be early in the list of hotels to call.  He'll get the picture eventually.


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