Sunday, July 1, 2012

Guys. Guys. GUYS.

My last day at this particular LOL Hotel ends in five minutes!!!!!  WOOOHOOOOO!

I'll still be working at the sister hotel next door, but here are a JUST A FEW of the things I will never have to do again:

  • Deliver folios
  • Deliver 79 folios
  • Wrestle with coffee filters that are too large for the coffee maker
  • Have inane arguments/debates over the best way to squeeze coffee through those damn things
  • Deal with Asshole AGM
  • Deal with Buttface GM
  • Wear a sweater the color of...god...what kind of green is this anyways?
  • Fight for the right to have a calculator
  • Sift through days and weeks and months of unaccounted for tax exempt forms

There is so much more than that.......but my relief is here, so I'm goin' HOME!  :D