Saturday, March 31, 2012

Elevator Says Nope

A group of college kids just walked in, two fellas and a girl. The girl had a very tall bump of hair on top of her head and was complaining about how cold our lobby was.

They get to the elevators and the door on the first one closes. The girl shouts "Quick, just stick your hand in it!"

The guy thinks better of it and chooses the other elevator. I figure the first had probably been called to a higher floor, but as soon as the other one with the kids goes on up...

It opens back up, ready for business.

Take that, cold girl with silly hair.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Burn off those calories before you eat 'em

Hey, guess what! I started working at a property next door, too. This one has vending machines. I'm just still new, so I don't quite have the property's layout memorized just yet. At least, not the vending machines...

So this fella calls down asking if we have vending machines. Yep. I'm not sure, though, if there are any on his floor, but I do tell him that he can check the end of the hallway, and that there are definitely machines on the first and third floors.

A few minutes later he comes through our front doors scowling at me.

"I just checked the third floor, and all it has is a coke machine!"
"Oh, I'm sorry about that, and the second floor was no luck either?" (You wanted...snacks...I'm guessing.)
"I didn't check it, you said it didn't have any! And the stairs don't let you get back into the second floor, and there's no door to the first, so I had to go outside just to get back to my room!"
That sucks, but...but it certainly sounds like the third floor door works just fine...could've taken the elevator, seeing as how it's raining outside?
"I'm sorry sir. There are some vending machines with snacks just around this corner."

He stood back there for about five minutes before picking something and taking a different set of stairs up to the second floor again, waving his munchies at me and saying something about snacks.

Hey, at least he worked off a little of that snack. Hopefully chocolate will calm the angry beast.