Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wake Up Call Success!

For those employees who are not aware of how to push buttons on a phone, OR who feel a guest who requests a 6:00 AM wakeup call is probably mistaken and actually wanted one at 8 AM instead, we have this handy guide now here at the LOL Hotel! It's taped right in front of our front desk phone, so everyone has a shot at wake up call success!


(Click the photo to make the success even bigger)


Wooh. Sorry So Long!

I know I've been gone for a little while, and I'm sorry. A lot's been going down in my personal life, so I haven't had much patience for work, writing, or doing pretty much anything but those things which consume my personal life completely.

BUUUTTTT (haha, butts) I'm back! A lot of funny stuff has been happening that I haven't blogged about, but I can't remember it right now, because xanax is funny that way. So, short blog tonight, and funnier ones in the...FUUUUUUTURE! OooOOOOoooooOooooo...

Everyone's favorite drunkies just came in from you know, drinkin'. Actually I have no clue who they were but the drinking part was spot on. Anyhoo!

They order themselves some waters and snacks, and decide to set wake up calls. Mostly sober fellow requests a 6:45 AM call for his room, and asks if his friend wants one.

Sober: Hey man, you want a wake up call, too?
Drunkie: No, I'm okay over here, I have a muffin. A DELICIOUS MUFFIN.
Sober: Give him one for 6:45, too.
Drunkie: No, NO! Muffin.
Me: Worst that can happen is he hangs up on it, right?
Sober: Exactly.
Drunkie: ...Muffin...

I already like these fellas.

I also found the perfect picture to describe every single hotel guest between the hours of 5 and 8 AM:

See yous guys soon. :)

P.S. - ...Why do cars keep pulling up and parking in the carport for an hour or two, then... just leaving...? O_o