Sunday, March 27, 2011

They're evolving.

Now there is a WASP flying around the lobby.

Now it's in the elevator.

There is a wasp in the elevator.

...Now it's on a curtain.

Ya know, when I worked in a lab a little while back it was part of my job description to immediately kill any six- or eight-legged pests.  I was required to squish cockroaches.  When you consider that I was also required to scrape up chicken poop, get pecked and bitten, and hose out mouse and finch crap, it doesn't seem that bad.  I actually liked that job, but if there's one task in life I suck horribly at, it's squashing scary bugs.

Yes, the cockroaches were scary.  They flew at you.

In any case, I am so fucking happy with this job it isn't even funny.  I mean yes, I should probably kill the wasp if it goes in the elevator again.  That's just plain scary.  Guests could take the stairs, but what if they didn't see it in time and it stung everyone to death and one guy was allergic to wasp stings and it stung him in the eye and he ran out of the death-filled elevator screaming bloody murder and I got fired for endangering/killing the guests?

I have my newspaper rolled up and taped like the bug-destroying weapon of justice it is.  Hopefully the wasp will find his way out before breakfast.  If not, maybe a man will come in and kill the buggy for me.  :)

I am an optimist!

-Wednesday (hates the bugs that come with spring time)

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  1. My apartment has bugs, but they're really adorable beetles and I don't want to squish them because they're cute and that would be mean. Instead I trap them and then release them in front of my neighbor's door so that they can find a new home. Oh, and you're really brave for squishing cockroaches and facing a wasp.