Thursday, April 19, 2012

So Charming

A woman comes in around 11:30 PM and heads up to her room. A few hours later, just past 4 in the morning, she comes back down looking kind of like she just survived the apocalypse. She asks if I have any tylenol. Nope. She grabs a water out of our case and goes,

"I'm taking this."
"Okay, that'll be-"
"I'm with the management company."
"You can still put it on my room. (Manager) can adjust it back off tomorrow."
"Uh...okay...what room is it?"

Then she walked off. I went to post the water to her room, confused on whether or not I should be using an employee discount or not if it's just getting adjusted off by the greater hotel powers, and she doesn't have a card on file. Because it's a comped room.

And no one is going to ask her for a buck in cash when she leaves.

So...I can either post it and look like a weirdo when management has to go back and have another small task to do because of me, or I can not post it and look lazy when management is asked by post-apocalypse lady to go back in but sees it isn't even there to begin with.

I'm so glad to be a part of management company folks taking stuff and putting me in awkward positions. I'm a part of a beautiful fucking machine. Making beautiful fucking things happen.

And I paid $1.25 for my diet coke.


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