Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bottle will self destruct in 5... 4... 3...

It's been an awesome night. Weird, but awesome.

I had 81 folios to deliver, so instead of bending over 81 times, I experimented with staying bent over and twirling down the hallway, inch-high-stack of papers in hand.

I have no shame.

Around two or three in the marnin', a fella came in, stuck a pipe in his mouth, and sat down to work on his computer. I was going to let him know the hotel was non-smoking before I realized... he wasn't smoking it.

He was just holding it. In his mouth. While surfin' the web. For an hour.

Hey, whatever lights ya pipe.

Lastly, around 6:30, a guy came down with his receipt in hand. I thought maybe he was going to check out, but he had a question instead. He pointed to his receipt and said he had bought a water yesterday, but didn't see the charge on his room.

I told him I'd fix it if he felt like paying us two bucks and change...but if he didn't remember talking to me, I didn't remember talking to him, either.

This big, mischevious grin spread across his face, he waved his hands a little and went, "this conversation...never happened."

People can be awesomely adorable. :)


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