Thursday, February 24, 2011

If we tip a lot?

Things you probably shouldn't do at your hotel:
  • Tell the night auditor you'll tip REALLY well if she reopens the bar for your group of already-intoxicated buddies.
  • Look at your watch when she says the bar closes at 11, snap your fingers, and exclaim "we JUST missed it!"
  • Tell your friends if the bar had been open it would have been cool, because you're a really great bartender.
  • Leap drunkenly from the pillar outside like Spiderman.
  • Play your guitar in the elevator.
  • Make the night auditor microwave you two bags of popcorn in the back.

That's about it, really.  Yeah.  Don't do those things.  You probably shouldn't.


P.S. - if you think your day sucks, just think about this guy who came in at midnight and asked me to set him a 1:00 AM wakeup call.  It'll make ya smile, because either you're still a notch above that tired, or you're a sadistic bastard.  Either way, I bet your day improves.  :)

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