Friday, June 17, 2011

It's a TRAP!

Hey there, new blogger! I've just joined Wednesday on night audit duties for the summer, and I have been delegated to write the humorous happenings of our place of business. But first, to introduce me - I'm a summer employee only, I think to the dismay of my other night crew (unless that's a huge delusion of grandeur). In September I leave for another country to waste more money on education. I hold two jobs to fund the non-starvation part of my trip - night auditor and bookstore clerk-person. What have I learned from this? People are strange and amusing on so many levels.

For example, a guest returns from a restaurant tonight, around 1am, in a taxi. Around the same time, our food for the evening (yes, we do that) was being delivered, so his comments about a bus not showing up were not seeping through the layers of distracted brain as they should. When said delivery boy/man, correct age unknown, was handled, the guest returned to the subject of the missed bus. Apparently, he asked for a pick-up from the restaurant and waited for a long period of time before getting a taxi instead.

Us: "When did you order the shuttle service? Because the bus doesn't operate at night."
Guest: "Well, I called the hotel, and they said they would send one over."

Us: "When did you call?"

Guest: "Around 15 minutes ago."

Us: "Oh. Um, we haven't had any calls. Our shuttle doesn't run at night."

Guest shrugged, confirmed his necessary arrangements for tomorrow, and returned to his room.

So, if you call our hotel for a shuttle at night and a van arrives to pick you up, don't get in it. That's not us. It's a trap.


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