Monday, June 6, 2011

Before They Get Their Coffee. And During. And After.

5 AM
"What time does breakfast start?"
"We serve breakfast from 6:30 to 9:30."
"...Wow."  *makes appalled face*

5:45 AM (phone call)
"Where are the ice machines?"
"On the first and third floor, at the end of the halls."
"Wow.  Sooo...nothing on my floor?"
"No ma'am..."
"Just wow.  Okay."  *click*

6:10 AM (to breakfast shift)
"Ummmm...there are coffee grounds in this.  Where's the coffee without grounds in it."
*Breakfast shift removes the coffee to make more.*
(To other wrinkly bimbo woman) "There shouldn't even be coffee grounds IN it.  That's ridiculous.  We're waiting for the real coffee."

Woohoo, we have some mighty posh guests in here this morning!  I wonder if they've ever made their own coffee in their life?  Do they think we have a coffee dinosaur in the back, vomiting up revolutionary coffees at the touch of a scale, grounds-less and state-of-the-art?  XD

To be perfectly fair, all of the other guests this morning have been darling.  :)


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