Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Letter.

While idly checking out the traffic sources for the blog this morning, I came across something unique (I hope) that warranted a response.  Ahem.

Dear Reader who found this blog via the search term: "How to roofie cookies,"

     Congratulations, sir or madam!  You made my jaw drop, and my day.  While I cannot endorse your efforts, I hope the morning finds you and your special friend well, and best of luck with the charges.  Don't forget to make a batch for the judge.

Never, ever, ever yours (because I am never eating anything you bake),

P.S. - Some other incredible search terms leading disappointed readers to the LOL Hotel:
     - "Show couple fucking in bathroom" (whoops)
     - "motels have porn" (why yes, yes they do)
     - "the evenings because" (?)
     - "expedia 'no confirmation number'" ( much for their guarantees, right?)

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