Thursday, October 21, 2010

Awkward Silences Galore!

Your normal awkward silence lasts one, maybe two responses, tops.  Then the hovering, then one of you goes away or changes the subject.

But oh, not this awkward silence of epicosity.

It was morning, and people were starting to come down for breakfast.  A woman came up to the counter and asked how often we restock our salads.  Actually, she didn't.  She asked about...three other questions that tangentally concluded with asking how often we restock our salads, or where we get them from.

Honestly, I'm not sure.  I told her I believed they were pre-prepared and that we made an effort each morning to make sure there are some available in the case.  (Insert awkward silence here)  She wanders off for a second, slowly turns around, comes back and asks me who prepares them.  Awkward silence #2 may have been my fault, while I try to figure out if she was asking something different than I had answered.  I reiterated that I thought they were pre-prepared, and asked if she would like one.

Awkward silence #3, followed by a response from her saying that she had wanted one the night before, or possibly the night before that, but that they hadn't been there.  She said she had just seen someone buy one earlier, so she wanted to know how we got them there.  I...I repeated...that the day shifts restock when we are low...

She starts to wander off again, then slowly returns.  Awkward silence #4 while she stares at me for a minute, and I try to fill it by dumbly yet politely asking her if I can get her anything.  She asks "but you have pretty decent food places nearby, right?"

I answer yes, and she hovers, returning and wandering off, for about the next five minutes while I help other people and wait for her to make an actual request.

Most epic awkward silenceness of all time.

Right?  @.o

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